Top five Affordable smartwatch

Top five Affordable smartwatch

Sales Points:
GPS Positioning

Two Satellite positioning ,Restore the real trajectory

5 Kinds of Sport Patterns

Built-in motion sensor can detect various motion modes,such as indoor/outdoor running,climbing ,marathon etc.Making Sports more scientific and interesting

Additional information

Product size

Length * width * thickness: 270mm * 22mm * 15mm, band width: 22mm, single band length: 220mm

Net Weight



Black grey, black blue, black yellow, silver grey

Weight (g)


Working Time


Standby Time

Standby Time

Details about Top five Affordable smartwatch

Top five affordable smartwatch monitoring your health in 2020.

Amazing GPS Sports Smartwatch for outdoors, if you are in Russia or Candana, it is a good tool for hiking and outdoor sport ,

When you are in outside, your partner can find you easily.

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