Resin Sport Watch Ana-Digi Watch


Resin Sport Watch Ana-Digi Watch

Would you like to find a reliable watch supplier?

We know every country’s test standard, and we know how to make custom watches based on your requirement.

We have our own design team to support you.

Additional information

Watch Case Size


Watch Case Thickness


Watch Band Width


Watch Length

260mm(with watch case)

Watch Case Weight



5ATM/5Bar/5o meters


Dual Movement(Analog movement and Digital Movement)

Details about Resin Sport Watch Ana-Digi Watch

Resin Sport Watch Ana-Digi Watch

If you ask me which market the resin sport is popular?

All over the world, Like Turkey, South America, Europe, and Asia, etc.

In the supermarket, gift watch, kids gift watch is so popular

And the appearance is close to Casio, so many brand customers have their own Ana-digital categories.

If in European market we can make environmental material, If you are a new watch merchandiser,

We can offer the best products and test requirements because we are in the watch Industry for more than 10 years.

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