Kids GPS Smartwatch 2020

Kids GPS Smartwatch 2020

Top 3 kids smartwatch, Parents helper, don’t need to worry your kids when you are work.

Now more and more parents are busy for work, especially in cities, pick up kids from school is hard work .

If you buy the watches for your kids, you can find them at any time.

Additional information

Product Size



Gift box, Manual, Cable


Box size: 8.6*8.6*6.5cm 50
pcs/CTN Carton size:


1.Phone book
2. Location way:LBS+GPS 3.SOS button for helping 4.Voice chatting( Watch & APP) 5.Remote power-off
6.Safe zone(Alarm for out of the area)& History route
8.Smart alarm for low power 9.Stopwatch & Themes for choose 11.Album



Details about Kids GPS Smartwatch 2020

Kids GPS Smartwatch 2020

Discovery your kids everywhere.

If you are parents, you can know where are your kids at any time, our kid’s watch is a good tool to find your kids,

If you work so busy, you can let your kids know and ask him to stay with her teacher until you arrived


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