Fitness Waterproof Lady Smartwatch

Fitness Waterproof Lady Smartwatch

Best Christmas gift watch in 2020, love her, send health to her, when raise wrist, time go through,

she will miss you at any time and treasure all of the moment with you.

Changeable band and dial can renew your watch, open your traditional watch mind.

Additional information

Product size

Length * width * thickness: 270mm * 22mm * 15mm, band width: 22mm, single band length: 220mm


English / Chinese / French / Spanish / Italian / Hungarian / Portuguese / Romanian / Ukrainian / Russian / Polish / Korean / Indonesian / Dutch / Danish / German / Swedish / Tukish / Finnish / Czech/Japanese/Slovak/(Support for adding more languages)

Case Color


Watch built in language

Chinese, English, French, Spanish, polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, German, etc

Working Time

3-4 days

Standby Time

5-7 days

Details about Fitness Waterproof Lady Smartwatch

Fitness Waterproof Lady Smartwatch

Fashion smartwatch for girls, the watch is dynamic watch dials, there are many options like yoga ,running ,

How to choose a lady watch for your friend or your employees?

This model heart rate and blood pressure monitoring

Real-time blood pressure monitoring makes you know your exercise intensity more directly and brings about healthy exercise

Delicate milan steel belt Retro and classic, Milan Steel belt skills knitted with metal, Achieve retro and fashionable beauty on wrist

Ultra simple ,ultra-beautiful ,Thinner case body 11.7mm.

This model’s appearance is same as traditional watch,but smart heart makes it strong, if you want to buy one for you or your friends,it is a good option.

If you are company, want to buy a gift to your colleague, good options, the best gift is health in 2020.


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