How to buy watches from Guangzhou Zhanxi Market?

As we all know the biggest Chinese watches market is in Guangzhou, but many foreigners went there, but they still didn’t find real manufacturers or find reliable and suitable watches suppliers in China, this article will help you find reliable suppliers or suitable suppliers.

Hello everyone, this is Carol, the blogger of the article, I have worked in the watches industries about 10years, we usually source in-stock watches for our clients, and we specialized in OEM& ODM watches. today I will tell you the real Guangzhou market and help you find reliable suppliers in Guangzhou watches market.

  • Where is the Chinese biggest watches market?

It is in Guangzhou Zhanxi Road,

How can I go there?

You just by subway to the Guangzhou train station(There are many train stations, you just need the train station, not the other North or South station, if you ask other people,u tell them the train station close to the Bus station of the Guangzhou Province, ), D2 exit is a good option

How can I go to the Guangzhou Zhanxi watches market by the high-speed rail?/How can I go to the Guangzhou zhanxi watches market from the south of Guangzhou Station?

By the second line, to the Jiahewanggang direction.

How can I go to the Guangzhou Zhanxi watches market from Guangzhou airport?

Take the third line to ” Jia he wang gang” station in “Ti yu xi lu(the west road of TIYU)” direction

How can I buy in-stock watches in Guangzhou Zhanxi watches market?

In Zhanxi market, there are many wholesalers and some factories, the watches in different standards, you can buy in stock watches, usually in every shop, they usually sell one type watches, like the shop for lady watches, the other shop for men watches, every shop have the standard, if the shop sells alloy watches in the standard, you can check the watches and price, if it is suitable for your market if you buy in stock watches, the price is more competitive whatever they are factories or wholesalers, because they have a very good supply chain, you can get the better price just because the supply chain and they usually make watches in bulk order, so the price is more competitive, and you just go to different type watch shops you will get what do you wanted, and get the suitable models in your market.If you have big order you will get a more competitive price.

How to buy watches from Guangzhou Zhanxi Market?

Can I buy custom watches in Guangzhou zhanxi watches market?

Yes, in Guangzhou market, you can buy custom watches, but usually, you choose their own models in big quantity, and every model do 500pcs at least, they will do for you, but if lower than 500 pcs, they usually recommend choose their own brand, because if custom watch in small quantity, the cost is higher, if you didn’t work in a factory, maybe you can not understand, why the cost is higher? Just because every part order in small quantity cost will be higher, and the tooling Fee and labor cost will be higher.

As our experience, in Guangzhou zhanxi market, buy in stock watches, you can get more different models and get the best price in big quantity, or just big quantity watches buyers, if in small order buyer we don’t suggest, we don’t suggest.

How about the situation of the Guangzhou zhanxi watches market after the virus?

Now in the covid-19 virus period, many watches shop is closed, because the foreigners who come to China need to be isolated for 14 +7days,because there are no foreigners, many suppliers can not endure the cost so they have to close the shop.

So if you need to buy in-stock watches we can be your partner sourcing for u because we have a very good supply chain for kids watches, lady watches, men watches, etc. Because we know the models which are popular in your market.we have experience buying for our customers.

So if you can not come to China, you want to find a watches broker or buying office in China, please feel free to contact Time Ciudad watch company, because watches are totally different from other products, if you want to buy one model the watches cost is very high, if we know who have the models, it can save cost for you, and you can find many popular models in your market.

We specialized in OEM & ODM watches, if you need so some very high-quality stainless steel watches and watch accessories, please feel free to contact WhatsApp:+86-13809626361(Mobile)

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